Local git repository with composer

In this post we will see how to create a local version of a bundles hosted on github, modify it and setup other composer-based projects to get the code from it. This can be useful if you need to: Share a a dev version with the other people in the team. Test a bundle in… Continue reading

Doctrine2 OneToMany/ManyToOne relations. All you need to know.

OnetoMany/ManyToOne relations in Doctrine might result difficult to understand. Here a short recap with some easy "rules" to avoid the common mistakes. Continue reading

FOSUserBundle force user to change password

This tutorial is meant for Symfony2 projects that use FOSUserBundle for user management. In this tutorial you'll see how to force your user to change password every N days. I assume you have Symfony2 project with FOSUserBundle configured. The model The first thing to do is to add a field in your User class to… Continue reading

Deploy Symfony2 project as you were used in Symfony 1.4

Did you like the project:deploy command of Symfony 1.4 ? Get it back with this bundle. Continue reading

Cache WordPress site on NGINX and invalidate cache on demand

Is your site fast ? Make it even faster by installing this plugin and configuring NGINX to cache your pages. Continue reading

Custom thumbnails for NGG galleries

Don't you like standard thumbnails created by NGG ? Use this Wordpress plugin to easily customize them. Continue reading

Automatic vHost with Apache

Bored to create thousands of vhost configuration in your development machine ? This post will teach you how create an Apache configuration to rule them all. Continue reading